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Vaccinations save lives.

Alana was one of several dogs and puppies living in an unhoused community. Though loved and cared for to the best of their humans' ability, the dogs had not received routine vaccinations, leading to an outbreak of the deadly distemper virus. Sadly, despite being taken to an emergency vet, Alana succumbed to the virus after suffering violent seizures.

Our friends at SevaDog Rescue have stepped in to help this community care for their dogs through this outbreak and beyond. While SevaDog has happily accepted a few of the puppies into their foster program, their ultimate goal is not to remove all of the dogs, but to help this community provide resources that improve everyone's quality of life. So far, SevaDog has provided crates, x-pens, and tents to help keep dogs separated for observation; cleaning supplies, such as spray bottles and bleach, and quarters to do laundry; basic supplies for the dogs, like dog food, bowls, and blankets; and, most importantly, vet care, including life-saving vaccinations.

Everyone deserves the love and companionship that a pet provides. By providing the resources that this community needs to care for their dogs, SevaDog is not only keeping a loving family together, they are keeping animals out of an overwhelmed shelter and rescue system.

20% of sales from this limited-edition collection will be donated to SevaDog Rescue. Available through May 21.

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