Collection: Angus, Griffin, & Jyn | FUNDRAISER for Northwest Dog Project

With love, we can beat the odds.

At just 6 weeks old, Angus was kicked in the face, shattering bone and leaving him struggling to breath. To make matters worse, he also had Parvo, a deadly virus that wreaks havoc on a young puppy's body. Through the love of a huge community of people, extensive medical care, and the heroes at Northwest Dog Project, Angus survived against the odds and thrives in his forever home.

Angus has an older sister, Jyn, and newly-adopted brother, Griffin, both NWDP alumni. Jyn was found in a dumpster at 6 weeks old. Griffin had one of the worst cases of mange that NWDP had ever seen - but look at him now! 

These three lucky pups are living their absolute best lives together. Love truly saved them.

Northwest Dog Project, located in Eugene, Oregon, rescues dogs who are at risk of euthanasia, caring for the dogs on their 20+ acre property until they're healthy, well evaluated, trained, socialized, and ready for their forever homes.

20% of sales from this limited-edition collection will be donated to Northwest Dog Project. Available through January 31.



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