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Heartworm is deadly - and preventable.

Losing a young dog is always terrible, but losing a young dog to a preventable disease is absolutely heartbreaking.

Cinda Block was only two years old. Found as a stray, he tested positive for heartworm disease and entered foster care with Misfit Angels Rescue to begin treatment. When his health quickly declined, he was rushed to the best emergency vet in the area, where he stayed for several nights. Tragically, even the very best medical care available wasn't enough to save Cinda's life. Misfit Angels was left with over $10,000 in vet bills and broken hearts.

Cinda is just one of thousands of dogs who will lose their life to heartworm disease this year. Spread by mosquitos, heartworm is exactly what it sounds like - worms that infest a dog's heart, growing so large that the heart can no longer function. When caught early enough, it can be treated, but the treatment is extremely harsh on the dog's body - and expensive. 

Heartworm is easily preventable. Giving your dog a monthly chewable pill kills any existing heartworm larvae in the dog's system, preventing further development. On average, heartworm preventative costs about $15 a month.

20% of sales from this limited-edition collection will be donated to Misfit Angels Rescue. Available through May 14.

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