Collection: Donkey & Draft Rescue | FUNDRAISER

Glory and Ivy are healing each other's broken hearts.

After suddenly and unexpectedly losing her mate, Glory was is deep despair. She desperately needed a friend, and she found that in Ivy.

Ivy was rescued from auction in late 2023, covered in both physical and emotional scars. A blind senior with her mane cut short, it was clear that she had never experienced love. Thanks to Donkey & Draft Rescue (DDR), that has changed.

Glory and Ivy are a perfect fit, caring for each other and healing wounds in a way that only they can. DDR has captured some incredibly beautiful moments on video, which they share over on their facebook and youtube pages. Glory and Ivy are so clearly and deeply loved; it's a miracle that the universe brought them both to DDR, where they can live out their lives together.

Donkey & Draft Rescue provides sanctuary to at-risk donkeys and draft horses rescued from auction and other dire situations. 

20% of sales from this limited-edition collection are donated directly do Donkey & Draft. Available through June 17.