Collection: Eastern Box Turtle | FUNDRAISER for Turtle Rescue of the Hamptons

Wild animals deserve respect.

Humans  pose a huge threat to many native species. Our cities, homes, cars, chemicals, and activities encroach on their homes and can cause physical harm to individual animals. 

Turtle Rescue of the Hamptons' mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and release wild chelonian species native to Long Island, to provide a sanctuary with a high quality of life for those who have sustained a permanent disability, and to allow injured animals to live out their lives with dignity and respect. They work to promote a safe and healthy natural environment by providing public education services regarding the threats and challenges facing native populations.

20% of sales from this limited-edition collection, created in collaboration with  AdAstra Canine Company, will be donated to Turtle Rescue of the Hamptons. Available through June 28.

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