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Everley lived a horrific life before finding her way to HHART.

A victim of dog fighting, Everley was used primarily for breeding. Sick with Babesia and Lyme disease, she received multiple blood transfusions once rescued, beating the odds to survive. Living in a shelter took an additional toll on both her physical and mental wellbeing, the sadness palpable on her face.

Everley lived the best years of her life at the Halfway Home House. She was never without a wagging tail or a giant smile. She was a loving mother figure to so many other animals in need. Tragically, HHART recently lost Everley to a flare up of one of the diseases that she contracted prior to rescue.

In Everley's honor, HHART has created the Happily Everley After Fund. The fund will help with the spay, neuter, vaccination, other health needs, training, and placement of dogs like precious Everley. It will offer incentives to other reputable rescues and lend a helping hand to families in need. HHART'S goal is to get more at-risk dogs out of shelters, into rescues and homes, and keep loved dogs with their families. 

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