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Kitten season is firmly upon us.

Every spring, hundreds of thousands of kittens are born in the US. Many shelters and rescues will enter crisis mode as they are overwhelmed by the influx of kittens and adult cats in need.

Many of these kittens will need special care, from bottle feeding to careful socialization to medical care for birth defects, diseases, and injuries. Even healthy kittens require space and resources that would otherwise go to adult cats, many of which will be overlooked by adopters in favor of the young kittens. Because space and resources are already so limited, some kittens may not even get a chance to find a home because there are simply too many for a shelter or rescue to care for.

Emilie Fosters cares for some of the most vulnerable kittens in need, which often means orphaned neonates and sick kittens. Fievel and Lua are just two of those lucky kittens who got a second chance at life.

20% of sales from this limited-edition collection will be donated to Emilie Fosters. Available through May 16.

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