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Keeping pets in homes saves lives.

Like most of the country, Detroit's shelter and rescue system is bursting at the seams. Dedicated and hard-working staff and volunteers at the city's under-resourced municipal shelter bear a lot of the burden and are frequently forced to make difficult decisions because there simply is not enough room for the number of dogs coming in on a daily basis. While there isn't one easy solution to reducing the number of animals in need, helping residents keep their dogs in their existing homes makes a huge impact. 

That's where Dog Aide comes in.

Our friends at Dog Aide work tirelessly to provide the resources that pet owners need to keep their dogs at home and out of the shelter system. They provide pet food to hundreds of homes throughout the city; fund and provide transportation for basic vet care, including spay and neuter for every dog in their program; replace heavy chains with lightweight tie-outs; and provide crates and other supplies that help families bring their dogs indoors. Through it all, they take the time to truly get to know the humans in their program, identifying clients' individual needs and doing their best to meet them. 

While Dog Aide believes that every dog should live indoors, they recognize that this is not always immediately achievable. Rather than pass judgement, they instead meet owners where they are at to help them improve their dogs' quality of life in small steps. Through Operation Freedom, Dog Aide builds large kennels to get dogs off of chains and protect them from many of the dangers that come with spending extended amounts of time outdoors. Over time, many of the families that receive resources from Dog Aide are able to transition to bringing their dogs indoors at night, during harsh weather, or even full time. 

Since 2015, Dog Aide has undoubtably kept thousands of dogs out of the shelter system. Providing resources prevents owners from surrendering their dogs due to financial hardship. Lightweight tie-outs, kennels, and helping owners bring their dogs indoors reduces the number of dogs getting out and roaming the neighborhood, often getting picked up by Animal Control. Spay and Neuter prevents the number of accidental and unwanted litters of puppies born, many of which will eventually find their way into a shelter or rescue. In the event that a client does need to surrender their dog, Dog Aide works with them to find safe placement with another organization.

20% of sales from this limited-edition collection will be donated to Dog Aide. Available through May 4.

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