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A surprise litter of ten, an emergency vet bill, and eleven lives saved.

When Love at First Mutt agreed to take in a pregnant mama, they didn't know that they'd have ten new babies in just a few days - or a $4000 bill.

Mama Levy was originally adopted from a local shelter on a health waiver, which means that she hadn't yet received a full veterinary work-up, including being spayed. Unbeknownst to the shelter and Levy's new family, she was heavily pregnant. Her family reached out to Love at First Mutt, who agreed to take this sweet girl on. Within a few days, Levy went into labor, delivering five healthy babies on her own before the situation quickly became an emergency.

With one puppy stuck in the birth canal and the heartbeats of the remaining unborn puppies slowing down, the emergency vet rushed levy into a c-section. Although it took about 20 minutes to revive two of the puppies, all ten puppies and mama Levy survived the procedure and are now thriving in a foster home. While their lives are worth it, the cost of the emergency surgery was a much larger hit than Love at First Mutt was expecting.

Love at First Mutt is dedicated to saving homeless and abandoned dogs from overcrowded animal shelters, where overpopulation leads to euthanizing millions of friendly and healthy pets nationwide. They work to better the lives of the animals in their community by educating the public on ways to stop animal cruelty and to promote spaying and neutering to reduce pet overpopulation.

20% of sales of this limited-edition design, featuring Love at First Mutt's "reason why" dogs, will be donated to mama Levy and her babies.


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