Collection: Handsome + Rajah | FUNDRAISER for Lake Humane Society

It's hard to see an animal's true personality in a shelter.

Many animals are overlooked time and time again in a shelter environment because they do not "show well;" they bark and jump at their kennel door, hiss when someone approaches, or cower and the back of their kennel. Given the chance to decompress in a home environment, though, many of these animals become the perfect companion. Handsome and Rajah are two of those special animals.

Handsome spent almost three years of his life in a shelter. Stressed and anxious in his kennel, potential adopters passed him by; the longer he waited, the more stressed he became. Finally, a volunteer saw who he truly was and fell in love with him, eventually taking him home. Three years later, he has blossomed into an incredible dog, even earning his AKC Canine Good Citizen title.

Rajah spent several months at the shelter and was labelled as "unfriendly." He wasn't interested in being pet or interacting with people, which made it difficult for him to form connections with potential adopters. Eventually, he chose that same volunteer, jumping into her arms when she opened his kennel, and she couldn't resist taking him home. He's a velcro cat who always wants to be with his human.
20% of sales from this limited-edition collection will be donated to Lake Humane Society. Available through April 12.

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