Collection: Nooska + Friends | FUNDRAISER for HHART and Jersey Pits Rescue

Fosters are key to successful rescue - even if they're shitty.

We're once again partnering with our friend Marie (@reebsicle), who has hosted several successful fundraiser over the past 6 months. This extra special design includes five incredible pups that have inspired Marie to save many more lives. Here's what she has to say about this design:

"I’ve been a foster and volunteer for many organizations over the years and these two are the true meaning of rescue to me.

I became involved with HHART when I adopted a 12 yr old yorkie with mammary cancer, and they opened my eyes to the world of seniors and medical fostering; their compassion and dedication for animals in need was truly inspiring. It was HHART that stood by me in my fight for Skinny Jackie and I can not wait for you all to see her progress - be sure to follow HHART for the latest updates!

My involvement with Jersey Pits Rescue began when I adopted my beloved Nooska a few years back. Her life was short, but she was so loved. I’ve honored it by fostering over 50 dogs in the last year since she’s passed. At Jersey Pits Rescue, we pride ourselves on NEVER leaving the mama dog behind and THAT is the meaning of a real rescue to me.

In addition to Skinny Jackie (who was likely also a Mama), this specific design showcases some of the very special Mama dogs I’ve fostered. Each purchase will help support both rescues continue to do the amazing work they do! Thank you to all of my friends and loyal supporters; those who have purchased from wishlists, dropped blankets on my porch, sent prayers for sick puppies, shared my posts, adopted my fosters, volunteered at events, etc etc etc. You are appreciated and I hope you enjoy this design 😜💜"

20% of the sales from this design will be split between HHART and Jersey Pits Rescue. Available through March 9.

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