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Imagine living in a kennel for over a year.

It's loud, with other dogs barking and people coming in and out all day. You watch them pass by through a cage door. There are strong smells and cold concrete floors. It's hard to ever get a good night's sleep. There are nice people who want to help you, but there are only so many of them and only so much time.

Imagine that life, every single day for over a year. That's the reality for seven dogs at Anson County Animal Shelter (ACAS).

Shelters everywhere are bursting at the seams, but small municipal shelters like ACAS face a particular burden. With a shelter full of dogs (mostly pit-type adults), a high rate of heartworm disease (which is expensive to treat), and a smaller local network than most larger shelters have available to help, providing the care and safe exit that each dog needs can be incredibly difficult.

We're partnering with our friend @piggiethepittie to help provide some financial relief for Friends of Anson County Animal Shelter20% of sales from this limited edition collection, available through February 27, will be donated.

Below are the seven longest-term residents at the shelter. Learn more about all adoptable dogs at the shelter here.
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