Collection: Posh, Knuckles, & Cloudee | FUNDRAISER for Rainbow Rat Refuge

While many of us think of dogs and cats when we think of rescue, small animals like rats need the same love and care.

Our friends at Rainbow Rat Refuge recently took in 11 new rats from a neglect case in Quebec, in which over 100 filthy and undernourished rats were removed. These 11 little boys have entered foster care, where they will receive the love and attention that they need to become healthy and adoptable. All 11 will be neutered and receive any additional vet care needed to set them up for success in their forever homes.

Each new intake costs Rainbow Rat Refuge around $100 CAD, which does not include any specialized care that an individual rat may need. Some rats may need additional vet visits, medication, surgeries, or parasite treatments. Extra funds also allow fosters to provide enrichment and upgraded housing while the rats wait for their forever homes.

20% of sales from this limited-edition collection will be donated to Rainbow Rat Refuge. Available through April 16.

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Below are photos from the neglect case, including some of the rats that Rainbow Rat Refuge took into foster care:



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