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When a village comes together, a life can change in a matter of days.

When her human died, Sasha was left alone in a basement. She was emaciated and anemic with a giant tumor on her shoulder that made it increasingly difficult to move.

Thankfully, Sasha was surrendered to AHS Newark, where a rescue advocate reached out to our friends at HHART for help. In collaboration with Fly Away Home Rescue, HHART agreed to get Sasha the care that she needed. With transport help from Petals and Paws, Sasha was rushed to Eclipse Specialty & Emergency Pet Care, where she immediately received two blood transfusions and quickly underwent surgery to remove the tumor and amputate her now-useless leg.

A biopsy confirmed that the tumor was cancerous, but through bloodwork, x-rays, and an ultrasound, it was found that the cancer had not yet metastasized through Sasha's body - a truly fortunate break. Sasha will soon see an oncologist for the care needed to prevent the cancer from returning. When she's ready, she will also have surgery to repair her cherry eye.

Sasha is now in a foster home getting the love and care that she so desperately needs. She is a new dog - happy and full of life. She has an incredible life ahead of her.

When we all come together, we can change a dog's entire world for the better. 

20% of sales from this limited-edition fundraiser will be donated to HHART for Sasha's ongoing care. Available through March 20.


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