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Cheers to the Huskateers!

Many people are surprised to learn that Huskies are one of the most common breeds found in shelters in the Western US. Huskies are beautiful and full of personality, but many first-time husky guardians struggle with a dog that is vocal, high-energy, and a clever escape artist. Many of these dogs will find themselves in a shelter or rescue by the time that they reach young adulthood. Unfortunately, huskies are also often irresponsibly bred, resulting in overpopulation that shelters and rescues simply cannot keep up with.

Our friends at Oregon Coast Humane Society have a steady stream of huskies entering their small shelter, which they lovingly refer to as the Huskateers. While these dogs are adored by the volunteers who work hard to find the dogs excellent forever homes, OCHS would much rather see less of these dogs enter the shelter in the first place.

The Oregon Coast Humane Society, located in Florence, Oregon, is a no-kill shelter serving the animal welfare needs in Western Lane County. Comprised of volunteers and a committed professional staff, they are dedicated to assisting homeless and abused companion animals in their area. They also seek to educate people about animal-related issues such as cruelty and pet overpopulation.

20% of sales from this limited edition collection will be donated to OCHS. Available through February 9th.

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