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Tiger was sentenced to death; now he needs our help to thrive in his forever home.

Tiger was removed from his original home after a bite incident and would have died in a county shelter if it wasn't for Against All Oddz Animal Alliance. After 71 days in a 3'x4' kennel, much too small for a large Presa Canario, the ligaments in his legs were crippled and deformed, leaving him unable to walk. With extensive medical care and physical therapy, Tiger fortunately regained use of his legs and has enjoyed his life with his sanctuary family. 

Sadly, Tiger is once again facing major medical bills. During a routine vet exam at the end of March, the vet noticed a heart murmur that lead to the discovery of an enlarged left ventricle in his heart. Bloodwork found that Tiger is anemic and has low protein levels in his blood, and an ultrasound found that his intestines are dilated and his kidneys enlarged.

Tiger will need an additional ultrasound, an echocardiogram, and will most likely need to see an internist and cardiologist. His initial vet visit cost over $1300, and AAOAA anticipates spending several thousand dollars on Tiger's upcoming care. 

AAOAA is committed to giving Tiger the best second life possible, and he is a beloved member of the sanctuary family. He deserves to spend as many happy days with his human and dog family, including the volunteers who have all fallen for him, as he possibly can.

20% of sales from this limited-edition collection will be donated to Against All Oddz Animal Alliance. Available through April 23.


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