Collection: Tiny, Buddy, and Prancer | FUNDRAISER for Donkey and Draft Rescue

Recent flooding has become a disaster for Donkey and Draft Rescue.

As a new organization with limited resources, damage to their property by the recent flooding in Maine has left Donkey and Draft Rescue in a difficult position. The repairs that they need to make would be nearly impossible to complete by hand, and renting a tractor to complete the task would cost $7,000 - a price so high that it makes more sense to purchase a tractor outright. Over $12,000 is needed to purchase a tractor to complete the needed repairs.

Donkey and Draft Rescue provides sanctuary to at-risk donkeys and draft horses, rescuing them from kill pens, auctions, and other dire situations. They provide peace, love, kindness, a full belly, and a gentle hand to the animals in their care, acting as a long-term home of healing with around-the-clock care and supervision.

20% of sales from this limited-edition collection will be donated to Donkey and Draft Rescue. Available through July 30.

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