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What would you do if you were unable to enjoy the things that you love most?

Sadly, this has been sweet Ty's reality. At only a year old, Ty was diagnosed with grade 2 and grade 3 Luxating Patellas - kneecaps that dislocate, causing pain and discomfort. This mean that he has been unable to do what he loves most - PLAY! Luckily, Ty underwent knee surgery on December 5th, which will give him his freedom back - but it cost a pretty penny.

Every purchase of Ty's merch will generate a donation towards his care.

LovePaws was founded as a community outreach organization and animal intake prevention program to help keep pets in homes and out of shelters, advocating for the PG pitties impacted by the 3rd largest breed ban in the nation. They offer various types of assistance to pet owners, including a pet food pantry, re-homing services, and intake services. They also assist community cats through the pantry and facilitation of TNR in partnership with colony caretakers and other local organizations.

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