Collection: Jane's Irish Potatoes | FUNDRAISER for Adopt A Homeless Animal Rescue

Surprise! Puppies are here!

Imagine bringing home a sick little foster dog to nurse her back to health. You wake up one morning and... there's puppies?! Because she was so sick and skinny when she came into the rescue a few weeks prior, Jane hadn't been spayed yet, and her pregnancy had gone undetected. We're so grateful that Jane was able to deliver her little potatoes in a safe and loving home! Everyone will be spayed before they find their forever homes to ensure that this family doesn't have any more surprises.

Adopt A Homeless Animal Rescue (AAHA) is dedicated to rescuing and assisting animals in crisis.  They have a particular commitment to the Pit Bull and aim to raise awareness and education about this very misunderstood breed of dog. They serve as a resource and/or liaison for shelters, individuals and animal control, advocating for any animal in need. AAHA supports Spay & Neuter initiatives in their local community.

20% of sales from this limited-edition collection will be donated to Adopt A Homeless Animal Rescue. Available through November 14.

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