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Yeehaw! Let's save some lives!

Hundreds of dogs die in California shelters every single day. Some of these dogs are very sick or are unsafe to place, but many of the dogs that lose their lives are happy, healthy, behaviorally-sound dogs that would thrive in a home. The problem isn't the dogs themselves; it's the lack of space and resources to care for and find homes for these dogs.

When an adoptable dog has to die to make room for another, how do you choose? Is it the dog that has been around the longest? The oldest dog? The dog that barks in his kennel, or the dog that pulls on leash? Obviously, there's no good answer. Often, shelters are forced to make choices based on which dog is "least desirable" to the public - and that often means pit-type dogs.

The Pitty Committee aims to save as many dogs as possible from California shelters through extensive networking and rescue efforts, primarily focusing on pit-type dogs. They advocate for bully breeds and the people who love them.

20% of sales from this limited-edition collection will be donated to The Pitty Committee. Available through April 25.

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