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Some dogs don't get a second chance.

With millions of dogs entering under-resourced shelters and rescues across the US every year, not every dog will get a chance to find a home. Dogs with behavioral challenges - even those that can be easily modified through training - and pit-type dogs are often the first to lose their lives.

Laila found herself in rescue as part of a disaster relief transport. While she adored her human friends and was an all-around loving dog, she did not get along with other dogs. Because the rescue did not have the resources to work with her and was unable to find a partner to take on her care, Laila was euthanized. Sadly, this is a decision that is made all too often - a dog who doesn't get along with other animals, who lacks impulse control, who is excessively fearful, or struggles with any other number of behavioral challenges loses their life because the resources simply aren't there.

Laila's Legacy was founded in Laila's honor to prevent other dogs from suffering the same fate. Their mission is to ensure that every homeless dog - including those with behavioral or physical challenges - that comes through their doors has a chance at a better life while educating the public on breed bias, individualistic training, and the importance of spay-neuter to lower the impact of returned, rehomed, and abandoned animals in shelters across the United States. 

20% of sales from this limited-edition collection will be donated to Laila's Legacy. Available through June 7.

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