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We are their voice.

Papaya weighed only 14lbs when she first found herself at South Wood County Humane Society (SWCHS). Through extensive testing and multiple hospital stays, it was determined that Papaya had Irritable Bowel Disease. With several months of love and medical care, she is now a healthy 40lbs and looking for her forever home.


On top of having non-inflammatory alopecia, little Thorn was exposed to and survived some tough respiratory conditions before she found herself at SWCHS. She spent over a year in SWCHS' care receiving parasite treatment, thyroid testing, ACTH stimulation test, skin biopsies, full bloodwork, and allergy treatment. Despite her unique appearance, Thorn has finally found the perfect forever home.


Papaya and Thorn are just two examples of the medical cases that SWCHS has recently taken on. The animals don't have the ability to tell us about their past, about cruelty or neglect, when they don't feel well, or what they need to thrive. It's up to us to advocate for them so that they can have the second chance at life that they so deserve.

20% of sales from this limited-edition collection will be donated to South Wood County Humane Society. Available through June 14.

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