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Not all disabilities are visible.

Many people have a pre-conceived notion of disability, and that image often excludes people with "non-visible" disabilities - limitations that are not immediately obvious to others. Non-visible disabilities can have just as great of an impact as those that are visible, yet people with non-visible disabilities often face additional stigma because they "don't look disabled." This stigma can make it difficult to access the assistance that they need.

Service dogs can be life-changing partners to people with any kind of disability, trained to assist with tasks that are specific to their person's needs. Unfortunately, getting a trained service dog can be extremely cost-prohibitive, preventing those who need a service dog the most from getting one. Harmony & Hounds helps alleviate that cost through multiple programs, including an owner-trainer program that assists people who are training their own service dog.

20% of sales from this limited-edition collection will be donated to Harmony & Hounds. Available through April 9.

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