Choosing a Photo for Illustration

When you're choosing a photo for a custom pet portrait or fundraising design, providing quality photos can make a huge difference! Follow these guidelines to help us create an accurate illustration of your pet.

All Detezi designs are hand-illustrated by a real human. We do not utilize AI or other apps to create your design.

What to look for in a photo

While we do our best to work with whatever photo you are able to provide, your pet's portrait will turn out the best with a photo that fits the following criteria:

• If you'd like your pet's full body to be included in the illustration, please provide at least one full-body photo, including visible paws

• Pet is standing or sitting straight up and looking at the camera

• Bright, indirect lighting

• Accurate representation of your pet's coloring and distinct markings

• Medium to high resolution (standard camera phone photos are typically suitable)

• Feel free to include an additional photo that highlights anything that may not be accurately represented in your first photo (i.e. coloring, distinct markings, natural ear position)

🚫 What to avoid in a photo 🚫

• Dark and/or blurry images

• Very small or low resolution images (i.e. thumbnails)

• Pet laying down and/or covered by other objects

Example Photos

Images that we like

A dog sits looking slightly away from the camera. There is bright natural lighting and the image is a headshot from the shoulder up.

✅ Indirect natural lighting

✅ Accurate representation of the dog's color

A dog sits on a couch looking at the camera.

✅ Dog's full body is visible, including paws

✅ Bright indoor lighting

A fluffy cat sits looking at the camera. There is indirect natural light.

✅ Indirect natural lighting

✅ Cat is looking directly at camera

❌ Cat's paws are cut off - this image is still usable, but if you'd like the cat's full body to be included, cut-off paws can make an accurate illustration more difficult. Consider including an additional image that includes the cat's paws.

A smiling dog sits looking at the camera. There is natural light and you can see her paws.

✅ Dog is looking directly at camera

✅ Dog's full body is visible, including paws

✅ Bright natural lighting

A puppy sits looking at the camera. The resolution is mediocre, but you can see the puppy's full body.

✅ Dog's full body is visible

❌ Photo is a bit dark/low resolution - this image is still usable, but images like this are often a poor representation of the dog's coloring/unique markings. Consider including an additional photo with better lighting.

Images that we don't like (for this purpose!)

A dog sits looking at the camera. A bright sun in the background obscures his face.

❌ Bright background lighting obscures the dog's face and lowers the resolution of the photo. We may be able to make this image work in a pinch, but will ask for more photos that accurately represent the dog's colors and features.

A dog lays flat on the floor

❌ Dog is laying down at an awkward angle. This photo will not translate well as an illustration.

A scraggly cat looks at the camera. The photo is low resolution with the cat in the lower half of the frame.

❌ Low quality image with cat in less than half of the image,

❌ Part of the cat's body is cut off. This image would make full body illustration difficult.

A dog in a unicorn costume stands looking at the camera. The resolution is poor.

❌ Zoomed-in image with mediocre resolution.

❌ Dog's face is obscured by her costume. While there are occasions in which including a costume/accessories is an option, we do not recommend photos like this for custom designs. If you'd like a costume/accessories included in your design, please contact us once you've placed your order.

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