Collection: Do Only Good | FUNDRAISER

Root for the underdog!

Located in Pontiac, MI, Do Only Good Animal Rescue works to find homes for dogs at their county shelter. Their lifesaving work is a great example of what can happen when a private organization steps up to help out a municipal shelter with dogs that otherwise might not get a chance to find a home.

Even though municipal shelters receive taxpayer dollars, they often do not have the resources for more than basic care and housing. This can limit their foster and adoption programs, prevent them from providing anything more than basic vet care, limit behavioral interventions, or force them to place limits on the amount of time that they are able to keep a dog in their care. Sadly, this can result in happy, healthy, adoptable dogs losing their lives.

By working with and advocating for dogs that the shelter has trouble placing on their own - dogs with treatable medical conditions like heartworm disease, dogs who are shy or under-socialized, pit-type dogs that are banned in communities near the shelter - Do Only Good has saved hundreds of lives that would have been lost without their intervention.

20% of sales from this collection is donated to Do Only Good Animal Rescue.