Collection: Nico | FUNDRAISER for Philly Bully Team

A face that you can't help but love.

Nico was rescued by Philly Bully Team as a young puppy, at which time he underwent extensive medical treatment for severe dehydration and sodium levels that were off the charts. His foster home went above and beyond to care for him, which included using giving him water through a feeding tube to ensure that he was staying hydrated. Nico was diagnosed with Hypodipsia-Hypernatremia, a congenital malformation that causes him to not feel thirst, leading to an imbalance in the sodium in his blood.

After a trial adoption in the fall of 2023 didn't work out, Nico's foster family knew that they could never let him go again, making him an official member of the family. Nico is living his best life with his forever siblings - human and canine - and takes fantastic care of his foster siblings, passing on the love and care that saved his life.

20% of sales from this limited-edition collection, created in collaboration with @puppy_crew_phbt, will be donated to Philly Bully Team. Available through February 5.